MCM Terrain Lo Sneakers in Vintage Jacquard Monogram BLUE


The Vintage Monogram capsule employs the jacquard weaving technique to achieve a cultured patina pattern on Italian fabric. A soft suede trim completes the sneaker in the same off-white hue as the Bavarian diamonds. Higher comfort is granted by a mesh-infused calf leather lining and rubber outsole embossed with the classic letters.

  •  MCM branded metal eyelets
  •  Embossed MCM logo on rubber outsole
  •  Suede leather trim
  •  Vintage jacquard monogram fabric
  •  Mesh-infused calf leather lining
  •  Avoid contact with water and any substances that contain alcohol. If wet, remove in-sock before drying and allow shoes to dry at room temperature before cleaning. When cleaning, use a soft brush for the outsole and a slightly wet soft cotton cloth for the upper.
  •  Made in Italy

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